Dealing in Real Estate


Whether you are a buyer, a seller or a renter, it pays to know the right things to do, when to do and how to do. While most people call this as the ‘inside information’, we regard it as ‘tips and tricks’ of real estate world. To put it in simpler words, we call it knowing the details and facts of real estate buying and selling. Universally applicable, these principles work wonders in successful navigation of the real estate market. So, here few simple but almost neglected tips that can help you make a better sale or purchase.

Buying Tips:

  • Make a list of ‘must haves’. Before you begin viewing properties, give a careful thought to age, style, location, amenities
  • Be realistic about your exact needs, demands and wants
  • Consult as many mortgage lenders as possible, find the best and obtain a pre-approved mortgage and then begin with your hunt for house
  • Get pre-approved for financing
  • Look up to the future value of the property. Choosing the smallest house on the best street or the largest house on a less preferred street is sure to reap you better rewards
  • Head out of the city for affordable and newer resale homes
  • An abode near a public transit or an academic institution would be a great move
  • Keep a pro-and-con checklist of every house you visit. Rate them on a scale from 1 to 10
  • Have a home inspection contingency
  • Do not be put off by interior decoration of a property. It can be customized as per your individual preferences
  • Check safety and security in terms of your family members
  • No matter what the economic situation, it is safer to buy a house that is within your budget

Selling Tips:

  • Make a conscious decision and ensure your commitment to sell by careful planning
  • Refresh, beautify, upgrade and update
  • Hire a seller’s agent to represent you
  • ‘When’ is the important factor that determines a satisfactory sale. Sell by season, seasonal accents make the buyers linger longer
  • Price it right and market it right
  • Make sure that you have consents for everything especially for any electrical work or plumbing jobs , plumbers in Invercargill will ensure everything is compliant.
  • Negotiate smart and understand the buyer’s need and reasoning. Respond in a manner that both you and the buyer are satisfied
  • Lease out your apartment for next three to four years before selling it out
  • Set up a room as per its intended use
  • Place your home’s furniture so that is flows peacefully
  • Find a tech savvy agent who embraces technology and can offer numerous tools to get your house sold
  • Let your buyer feel at ease. Get out of your house while the buyers view the house and let your agent answer the question of the buyers
  • Let there be light. Replace all burnt out light bulbs so that bright light improves the buyers’ mood
  • The kitchen and toilet come first. Make sure they are in good condition before you plan up a visitor for view
  • Be proactive, resolve every possible detail to assure a trouble-free sale and closing